Made In Shoreditch


When I setup 100 Bodycare in Shoreditch, London I was determined that it would be socially responsible in every aspect of its operation. I was influenced in doing this by working in developing countries for non-public companies who did not have to maximise their profits for shareholders and were therefore able to develop products that were ethically sourced, healthy, good for the environment and produced safely. I have used this experience to structure the operations of 100 Bodycare and designed this section to demonstrate this to you. It is my objective to increase the social impact of my business every year.





When putting together my initial formulations I learned about the negative aspects of chemical formulations, which were regarded as causing premature ageing and causing allergic reactions. Deeper research suggested that a proportion of what we put on our skin goes directly into our bloodstream and that numerous skin cleansing products can be linked to serious health issues. Further than that no doubts exist that these chemicals go back into the water supply and cause environmental damage. 



100 Bodycare only contains agriculturally grown natural ingredients that are used directly in our products using safe approved processes. I worked with Organic Monitor the leading natural and organic product consultancy, to source ingredients that met these standards. 


As 100 Bodycare is for sports recovery I wanted to create packaging that was easy to put in a gym bag but also that had a minimal impact on the environment. The obvious idea was to test sport nutrition pouches with my shower gels as they were low in plastic and light. The test results with sport participants was extremely positive so I worked with an environmental packaging group, WRAP, to evaluate the environmental impact of the packaging.

Pouches are now becoming the standard for environmentally friendly packaging as:

- They are made with less plastic and therefore less energy is used in production.

- They are transported flat unlike bottles and take up less space in transport to reduce their carbon footprint

- If these products go to landfill they take up less space than other forms of material.



In public companies where profits need to be maximised for shareholders, production choices are normally made purely on commercial grounds. Therefore in recent years more production has moved from the UK to emerging economies due to opportunities for lower costs.

This opportunity is often created through less stringent labour and safety laws than in the UK. Manufacturing accounts for over 12% of the UK economy and we believe this should not be affected by the UK's adherence to ethical standards. Therefore I made the decision to produce in the UK. 








To ensure the ingredients used in production were safe I sought independent certification of the ingredients from the UK’s most credible source, The Soil Association. Each ingredient was analysed for toxicity, genetically modified chemicals, radiated processes and environmentally responsible sourcing. After many weeks of analysis the Soil Association approved the entire range of 100 Bodycare products.


Soil Association remarked on their process:

“Organic and natural products are not currently regulated. Soil Association Certification is one of the founders of the Cosmetic Organic Standard (COSMOS) which also includes natural certification. The certification process involves ingredient verification back through to source and site inspection to ensure the production process meets the standard. Under COSMOS things like GM, parabens and irradiation are not permitted.”